Encourage Girl Child

Update (Jan 30, ‘2015) :


just refer to this news from tribune, if girls were getting some kind of stipend or scholarship for going to school until the age of 18 this illegal marriage might not have happened.

Original idea/suggestion starts here :

People in INDIA are obsessed with a male heir ( even if they do not possess any assets ).

This is one of the main reasons people go for sex determination tests and if it is expected to be a girl, some people ( exceptions are always there ) do not hesitate for a moment to get the abortion done ( notwithstanding the physical and emotional burden the mother to be has to endure ).

Another reason is expectation of gifts ( or dowry ) by the grooms side at the time of marriage thus girls are considered burden by the parents, I think tradition of swayamvar needs to be revived.

Now this  has created a situation where there  are not enough girls of marriageable age for the marriageable boys, this in turn creates various societal problems ( this is for another discussion ).

Today I want to discuss about encouraging girl child, meaning society as a whole supports birth, rearing and education of the girl and parents also fully support it.

As Government is spending on so many social causes like MNREGA, MID-day meal, OLD-Age pensions, scholarships for minorities, scholarships for poor gifted students etc.

govt should provide some scholarship/pension/stipend to the parents who have a girl child ( say Rs 100/-(or 50/-) per month until her marriage ), there can be various conditions like :

  1. if all the children are girls  each one of them gets say Rs 100/- per month.

  2. if there are many girls ( say 3 or 5 or 7 ) and then a boy all of them get stipend.

  3. but if there is another child born after many girls and boy then stipend is taken away for all the kids or reduced by a percentage ( say 50% or even 70%).

  4. Age of the Mother during the first born ( eg. if mother is 23 yrs plus child gets 10% more stipend, if mother’s age is more than 25 yrs 20% more stipend etc. ).

  5. another one can be combined age of mother and father ( say more than 27 yrs avg then 10% more etc. ).

  6. another one can be difference between birth of children (say diff > 3 yrs they get 10% more for each eligible child, if diff > 5 yrs they get 20% more).

  7. another one can be number of children ( say after 2 children mother and father both go for operation then children get 20% more each, if only one child after 5 yrs of age of only child, increase the stipend by say 10-20% then after 10 yrs increase by another 10-20% etc. or each year for single child increase by 2-10%).

  8. further if parents have another child after boy stipend reduces by 10%-20% for each child and child born after the boy do not get any stipend. however if all children are girls ( say upto 5 or unlimited ) all of them should get stipend.

  9. Another variation can be give 5%-10% tax break to people if they have say two girls only and both parents go for operation.

  10. State can be encouraged to participate as well by contributing at least 10% or 50% or 90% of stipend and Central Govt contributing rest of 90% or 50% or 10%.

  11. Its also a good idea to provide stipend to unmarried girls above 18 yrs of say Rs 500/- or Rs 1000/- per month which can be shared by State and Centre.


This will help in encouraging the girl child ( as they will be able to demand their rights because govt is providing funds for them ) and parents will not consider girls as burden. Also this will help in reducing the population as people will be encouraged to delay having babies late in their life.

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Population Control India

If India need to control population without using extreme measures like china, Indian government needs to focus on encourage girls to get educated, independent and self dependent and have policies which will induce family planning and delaying women getting pregnant and couple will have support of not only the family but also society be supportive.


  • as long as studying no question of marrying,
  • late marriage because of study,
  • so new births delayed by a few years,
  • more the people are educated they want less children,
  • more the people are educated more busy they are in their lives outside of home — may be because of travel to other city for work/business,
  • more work in office,
  • no time to prepare food so going out to eat and so on so forth no time for intimacy,
  • more knowledge about birth control,
  • because of education comes financial independence so the man and wife can take decision on their own about the children ,
  • parents or in-laws cannot really force the wife to have children,
  • as women get educated they want to do well in their career so they plan not to have kids which in turn controls the population

Financial Independence

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