Grew up in various cities ( BombayBangalore, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Jalandhar ) in India. Work took me to various places, so lived in a few countries in Europe for a few years. Traveled in different countries in western Europe in my Spare time and experienced different cultures. Then Work took me to Canada, got immigration and citizenship of Canada. Now living in Canada but for work and pleasure have traveled to various places in North America ( Chicago, Wisconsin, Washington DC, New OrleansLouisiana { BAYOU state } etc.).

Not a very Religious person but spirituality interests me ( probably its because of me approaching midlife ). I do not consider myself atheist, still trying to figure out if my beliefs fall in any of the defined descriptions of faith as of today.

In Sports I have been always interested in playing football ( not american football but Soccer ), was never interested in Cricket ( being from India cricket is a default sport one is supposed to worship – not me ) somehow it never interested me ( though I did play with my friends occasionally ). I have never been interested in remembering the statistics or records or watching the games instead I have always wanted to be in the field.

Having said that I’ll mostly write about my experiences so far in life and things I’d like to see changed in the world I live in ( when I thought of blogging I wanted to change things around me so decided to blog as “want2change” ). Very much disturbed by the corruption in Indian society, treatment of girls or rather mistreatment, regionalism, fanaticism in religion, division based on languagecasteismeducation opportunities for village children, misuse of 498a, poverty in the society etc.

Looking forward to feedback and constructive engagement from like-minded or opposing views as well. Also please do let me know what you think about this. Happy Blogging !!!

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