Facts Not Truth

Last week I was discussing the education in India with some visitors at home. Conversation drifted towards education in Indian schools and history – towards fact and truth. I was trying to point out that knowing the facts is not enough to know the complete truth. In schools we are told facts about Indian history – I am in agreement with this statement but is it the complete truth ? I am afraid its not always the case. Invaders who were brutal and intolerant towards indigenous people of India are glorified but when you start investigating on your own, you start to know the real picture.

Here is one example from Todays’ India for easy understanding :

First take a look at this Cartoon and then I’ll explain it and see if your perception remains the same or it changes.


These are some more facts and decide for yourself if the truth remains same, after knowing these additional facts compared to – when you just saw the picture above.

  • Dr Kumar Vishwas Famous Indian Poet and Politician of Aam Aadmi Party has been offered to be in Bigg Boss an Indian reality show on Colors TV.
  • He demanded Rs. 11 Crores( some say Rs 21 Crores ) to be a part of the show – TRUE.
  • He also said that this money be given for welfare of Indian war widows – after reading this does the truth remains same(before knowing this fact) to you or it changes.

2 Responses to “Facts Not Truth”

  1. Ritz Hindustan Says:

    He did demand money.. so what if he wnt it for war widow… that is a publicity stunt.. bigg boss is for publicity.. accepting the offer for whatever reason or price does not change the FACT that he DID demand money …. just imagine he would have got 30 crore publicity free if he would have donated 21 crores.. and even if he did not participated.. he got soe publicity by just demanding


    • want2change Says:

      Hi Ritz , Agree that kumar vishwas did ask money but it is just one of the facts but not the complete truth. I am trying to point out that by selectively telling some facts our media easily distorts the truth. similarly history taught in schools may be facts but it is not complete truth. I hope you got the gist of my post.


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