Ashok Khemka presents facts about Robert Vadra Land deal

This is the video of BARKHA DUTT interviewing IAS officer ASHOK KHEMKA regarding his orders against the ILLEGAL land deals of RobberT VADRA ( SON-IN-LAW of Mrs SONIA GANDHI ).

I couldn’t but notice how barkha is trying all her might in provoking upright IAS officer ASHOK KHEMKA in loosing his dignified and composed responses to almost accusatory questions.

Dr KHEMKA replies to all questions of barkha with the logical to the point answers in a dignified manner. Barkha is coming as clearly trying to get the info from Mr. Ashok_Khemka for her masters in Indian National Congress.

After interviewing the officer barkha brings in Supreme Court Lawyer KTS Tulsi  and Lawyer Prashant Bhushan.

Notice the rhetoric of KTS Tulsi even though he is a renowned Lawyer ( it seems he is defending RobberT Vadra but he is convinced that Vadra is in the wrong ). KTS Tulsi gives the logic that all the real estate developers are making huge amount of money so Vadra has a right to do the same. Then he also mentions that Vadra and other parties all are from Congress so they are helping each other so nobody should have any issues ( its between Congressmen ), even if they are looting the national wealth.

On the Other hand Mr Bhushan is very logical and spells out the reasons why Dr Khemka is on the RIGHT side of the law.

Video Here :  ias officer ashok khemka on his report on robert vadra land deals


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