Smooth swindler in police net

This is what today’s abla nari is doing and indian politicians are still living in stone age assuming that women are being victimised and passing draconian laws like 498A, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT and PROPERTY DISTRIBUTION ACT recently. Crooked educated women will misuse the law passed recently where a lady can claim 50% of the property of her husband just after getting married formally even if she NEVER had any intention of staying in the marriage.

NOW this bill will encourage men to ask for HUGE sums of money and PROPERTY to secure their and their family’s property and assets.

This will increase in the demand of DOWRY by to be married boys and their families.

I am not against empowering women but while empowering women we have to be careful that nobody else is victimised ( because of these laws it will be innocent women who will be victimised and not empowered ) .

Smooth swindler in police net
Rajwinder, posing as an NRI, would dupe men after marriage Anirudh Gupta

Ferozepur, May 29 After having duped five grooms and fleeced several youths on the pretext of taking them abroad, Rajwinder Kaur, pretending to be a Canadian citizen, has been finally arrested along with her brother Hardial Singh and accomplice Jagsir Singh.

Jewellery, cash and three duplicate passports were seized from the trio. Rajwinder and her brother belonged to Gandiwind village under the Harike police station .

Paramraj Singh, DIG, Ferozepur Range, said despite several cases of fraud against Rajwinder in Batala, Mansa, Kotkapura and Samana, she had remained elusive till now.

Rajwinder would entice rich farmers, promising them that she would take them abroad after marriage. She would later dump the innocent victims after having swindled them of their money, the DIG said.

He said till date, five such cases had come to light. Rajwinder’s latest victim was Kulwinder Singh of Kotwal village, said HS Mann, SSP. He said after marriage, Rajwinder began to tempt her husband’s kin who were keen on settling abroad. “A smooth operator, she did not let anyone in the family get an inkling about her intentions,” the SSP said, adding that she swindled Rs 5 crore in this manner. She took some of them and deserted them there.

Swindler’s list of crimes

  • In 2005 at Hargobindpur police station for Rs 6 lakh fraud
  • In 2006 at Ramdas police station for Rs 3 lakh fraud
  • In 2007 at Kotkapura police station for Rs 3,20 lakh; and at Goindwal police station for 5 lakh fraud
  • In 2009 at Samana police station for Rs 12 lakh fraud
  • In 2010 at the Sadar Kotkapura and Badhni Kalan police stations for Rs 28 lakh fraud


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