Divorced woman to get 50% share in husband’s property

Now the govt of INDIA has decided to legalise the extortion and terrorism by greedy and unscrupulous women and her greedy parents by passing this legislation of giving 50% of the assets even if the woman is the culprit for the failure of marriage.

she will be entitled to 50% of the property of her husband if she marries and even refuses to go with her husband immediately after marriage. Genuine girls who want to make their marriage successful will be the ones who will suffer in this.

Divorced woman to get 50% share in husband’s property

Aditi Tandon/TNS

New Delhi, May 17 For the first time in the history of marriage laws in India, women and children have been given definite rights in the residential property of men in the event of a divorce.

Taking up amendments to the Marriage Laws Amendment Bill, 2010, pending for discussion in the Rajya Sabha, where it was introduced last week, the Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today decided to make a clear provision in the law that an equal share (50 pc) in the residential property of a man will go to his wife and children in case of a divorce. The wife will have to move an application seeking the share.

Women and children will have an equal right in the residential property acquired by a man, whether acquired before or after the marriage, as the Cabinet today omitted from the Amendment Bill the expression “property acquired during the subsistence of marriage”.

The old Bill gave divorced women a right in man’s property, but did not state the quantum. Women activists felt stating the quantum would ensure justice to women who have to take care of their children and provide for them.

Not just that, the Cabinet further amended the Bill granting women and children rights in the movable assets of the man in case of a divorce. Instead of fixing the quantum of share of women and children in movable assets, the Cabinet decided to let the courts of law decide the share, depending on the “living standard of the wife”.

The relevant amendment in the Bill reads, “Pay such gross sum or share of movable property towards settlement of claim of wife as the courts deem fit considering the living standard of the wife”.

In another important development, the Cabinet today amended the Bill to ensure that the six-month cooling-off period (which couples need to spend together before moving the joint motion for a divorce) would be reduced only if both the man and the woman concerned move an application to lessen it.

The amendment has been made following demands from women rights activists who said a man could force a divorce on a wife if the application for reducing the cooling-off period is not mandated to be moved by both parties. In the earlier Bill, one of the two could move such an application.

The amendments follow an assurance from Law Minister Salman Khurshid, who deferred his reply to discussion on the Bill in the Rajya Sabha where several MPs had raised these concerns and sought that the Bill be made woman-friendly.

WHAT THEY GET n Woman and children will have 50% share in the residential property of a man in case of a divorce n The wife will have to move an application seeking the share in such cases n It will not matter whether the property was acquired before or after the marriage n Women and children will also have right in the movable assets of the man n The quantum of share in such cases will be determined by the court


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5 Responses to “Divorced woman to get 50% share in husband’s property”

  1. GogulaHarikrishna Says:

    Simply and clearly perfect


  2. Anand Says:

    This is ridicuos.. Why can’t we do some thing about this ? I am a vicitm of this and I would lose my hard earned property just because a law is passed and my greedy wife and her parents want to loot me of this . I had filed for a divorce because of the same intentions of my wife and her parents and now the law is going to give them what they want. Isn’t this direct extortion. Why would a husband work day and night and then give 50% of his saving and property to his wife who would enjoy it watching TV at home or have affairs. Where is the husbands side of law?

    Marriage is becoming a business by the women and we men should have an association to alleviate this practise or else the next generation will not have marriages any more.


    • want2change Says:

      well it’s not only 50% assets husband has acquired after marriage, but also the assets he inherits or even supposed to inherit even before marraige from his parents and even grandparents ( dear wife can claim 50% of all the property and assets without even visiting her in-laws or her husband after marriage ).
      Now honest boys will be scared to get married and ultimately girls will be at the receiving end.
      These laws should be gender neutral.
      Another question is why girls parents property NOT be divided as well ?


    • want2change Says:

      There are mens groups who are working to protest these indiscriminate laws in INDIA. try searching for Save Indian family foundation. there are various organisations all over India and abroad as well.


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