Bridegroom, kin land in police station


Bridegroom, kin
land in police station

Fatehabad, October 18
Due to a skewed sex ratio in this part of the country, getting brides for youths has become a tedious job, particularly for those belonging to economically weaker sections and having lesser landholdings.

“Procuring” brides for a premium is common practice in villages and smaller towns due to the availability of a lesser number of girls as compared to the boys.

In one such incident, a quarrel over the payment of an agreed amount to a “go-between” at Ratia town landed the ‘baratis’ as well as the bride in the police station on Sunday, where the matter was resolved after a lot of persuasion by the police.

The incident occurred in a marriage palace on Tohana Road of Ratia town, when the bride refused to go with the bridegroom after the Anand Karaj ceremonies, until his family paid the agreed amount to her widowed mother and a “go-between”, who negotiated the “deal” for the marriage.

The bridegroom’s father, Kuldeep Singh, a resident of Nikuana village of the district, said he had “struck a deal” with a mediator, Gurmeet Singh, for the marriage of his son, Jaskirat Singh, with Komal, daughter of a widow, Paramjit Kaur, a resident of Nehar Colony at Ratia.

He said under the deal, he had agreed to pay Rs 30,000 each to the bride’s mother as well as the mediators, Gurmeet Singh and two others, including a woman.

A quarrel erupted when the bridegroom party tried to leave for their village along with the bride and the mediators refused to allow them to take away the girl till their money was paid.

The mediators took away the car’s ignition key and called the police for intervention in the matter.

Kuldeep Singh said he had already paid Rs 30,000 to the girl’s mother and would pay the mediators’ “fee”, when the girl settled in their house for a few days.

The matter was later resolved in the police station, when the bridegroom’s father, Kuldeep Singh, gave a written undertaking that he would pay the money on October 24, when his family would host a party in the village to celebrate the marriage.

While the incident points towards the difficulties villagers are facing for finding brides for their marriageable youths, it also reveals that in some societies, even a reverse dowry system has started due to scarcity of marriageable girls.

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