Girl who cried rape booked for extortion

Girl who cried rape booked for extortion
Mohit Khanna/Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 31
He was branded as a rapist and languished in jail for over 189 days, undergoing severe mental trauma. For nearly four years he suffered legal onslaughts hoping one day he would come out with his record clean. His family members faced social ostracism for a crime their child claimed he had never committed.

Rishi Sood, 31, is a happy man today as the “swindler” girl who ruined his life has been booked by the police for fraud, extortion and filing false rape charges against him.

However, booking the suspect, Suman Paul aka Neha aka Parul Gupta, a resident of Nehru Colony in Modi Nagar district near Gaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, was not a cakewalk for the city police. Despite knowing she has brought false rape charges against Sood many top cops, including SSPs, to dissuade them to file a case against her. That too when three superintendents of police, including two IPS officers, gave a “clean chit” to Sood during the probe conducted by a special investigation team set up by the Ludhiana DIG.

The team, led by Khanna SSP Gautam Cheema, maintained the girl had lodged a complaint against Sood with the intention to blackmail him in order to extort money and recommended cancellation of the FIR. The police also began proceedings under section 182 of the IPC against her for giving false statements to the police. Finally police commissioner Ishwar Singh stepped in and constituted another team, led by ADCP III JS Sidhu, which found Sood to be innocent. Suman was then booked for fraud and extortion.

The incident has again exposed how many women use loopholes in the law to harass innocent youths by falsely accusing them of rape.

Sood, who still shivers while narrating his ordeal, said he met the girl at an exhibition of medical equipment organised in New Delhi in September 2006, where she introduced herself as “Dr Neha”. He said they met at various places following which she “lured” him into marrying her, adding he even planned to visit Delhi to meet the girl’s parents.

“All was going smoothly, until one day Suman demanded Rs 1.5 lakh. I later got to know she had to pay a bill of Rs 1.5 lakh that she owed a local hotel as she was staying there for a long period. When I refused to pay the bill she got a case filed against me,” Sood stated.

In the meantime Sood came to know Suman and an accomplice of hers had tried to implicate six other youths coming from “high status” families and working in the medical healthcare industry by sending them SMSes and calling up from different phone numbers. “Somehow we all exchanged notes and managed to escape from the clutches of the gang,” he said. Little did Sood know he had landed in the net of an organised racket of “swindler girls” who extorted money from innocent young men by falsely accusing them of rape.

The gang was enjoying support from noted gangster Raman Rana, who is on the run after he killed his bitter rival Lalla. It is learnt that his operating the gang from outside the country. Rishi’s father alleged a gang of swindlers had implicated his son in a false rape case and had demanded Rs 22 lakh from him for withdrawing the complaint.

“I refused to pay the extortion amount and spent 189 days in jail for a rape case,” said Rishi and further added, “But my misery did not end here soon after freeing from jail another girl, member of the same gang, stated making frantic call at my number.”

“Only I know how I faced this humiliation for the past four years. I wanted to prove I was falsely implicated. I thank my family members and friends who stood by me in thick and thin,” said Sood. Meanwhile, Suman was not available for comments.

Suman’s crime graph

Besides being booked by the police for falsely implicating an innocent youth in a rape case, Suman Paul was also booked for conning a Delhi based woman, Seema Sehgal, and for committing a theft at a house in Haibowal. She is believed to have “strong links” with gangsters, hoteliers, travel agents and self-styled social activists who allegedly lured affluent youths by frequently changing their identities and phone numbers and later implicating them with false rape charges. Her father has reportedly disowned her.

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