SC: Father natural guardian, not grandfather

SC: Father natural guardian, not grandfather
Legal Correspondent

New Delhi, June 29
Rejecting grandparents’ plea for custody of their divorced daughter’s child, the Supreme Court today approved the father’s right to be the guardian of an eight-year-old boy from Ambala.

A Bench comprising Justices RM Lodha and AK Patnaik ruled that the father was the natural guardian while dismissing an appeal by the grandfather.

Chiranjeev Singh married Manjit Kaur in December 2000 and they had a baby a year later. The couple, however, obtained divorce through mutual consent thereafter, following which the child’s custody was granted to the mother. Kaur committed suicide in June 2004 and since then the child was with the grandparents. However, the trial court allowed Chiranjeev in March 19 this year to keep the child. Manjit’s father came to the apex court after losing his case in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The HC had ruled that the father was in a financially better position in Chandigarh to bring up the boy.

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