RTI to NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) for Child Visitation, Custody


From: Nyaya Yodha <nyayayodha@gmail.com>
To: saveindianfamily@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Sun, November 15, 2009 11:37:59 AM
Subject: [SaveIndianFamily] Public RTI to NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) for child visitation/custody cases

for all those with custody cases… download and File this RTI by putting
your own name and address, get response from NCPCR, and file the response as
argument in family court for child custody/ visitation cases.


Use this process of argument/ evidence:

1. That NCPCR has not done any study related to effect of single parent
custody on children, PAS, child development, child psychology etc.

2. Then proceed to argue that since no such study is available in India,
that studies done outside India be considered as expert opinion and
evidence. Show studies done in US or other countries about ill-effect of
single parent custody, and benefits of joint parenting. Court cannot refuse
to look at such studies in that case.

3. If they do not still look at it favourably, then say that this is against
UN child rights convention, which clearly says that child should have access
to both parents whether divorced etc. NCPCR has the mandate to follow
United nations CRC

4. Screw NCPCR again if the court does not pass favourable order.

NCPCR has budget of 6 cr I think… let’s help them utilize it for something
useful for children’s cause.


http://nyayayodha. blogspot. com
http://nyayabharat. blogspot. com

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