Bride dumps groom during wedding

Bride dumps groom during wedding

AMBALA: The new-age Indian woman has arrived. A bride from Ambala Cantt on Monday walked out on her groom the moment she set eyes on him after the


jai mala (garlanding) ceremony, as if, in instant realisation that he wasn’t the man of her dreams. No amount of ranting and raving by the boy and his family or police intervention could bring about a change of heart.

“We tried a lot to persuade Reena but she just wouldn’t listen. She said she didn’t want to marry Dharamvir Singh because she didn’t like him. There was no way we could have forced our will on her,” said the bride’s father, Ramkishan.

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Bride Dumps the GROOM after the JAI MALA ( Garlanding Ceremony ) and nobody seems to have any problem instead the News starts with “The new-age Indian woman has arrived” .  As if this is big achievement by the Girl to have abused and Victimised all the Family and Friends of the GROOM.

Consider this : if the same thing would have been done by the GROOM that he doesnt like the Girl. ALL HELL would have broken loose . GROOM and his Family members and all the Baratis would have charged with 498a, Cheating, Fraud  and a lot of other cases and FORCED to shell out a lot money to the girls side for refusing to marry the girl .

My Questions are :

Should the Girl side pay the GROOM for the expenses incurred by the Boys Family ?

Should the Police register the case against the Girls Family ?

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