Why FIR should be Lodged for every Crime INDIA

Why FIR Should be Lodged for every Crime in INDIA and Tracking & Making Police actually Work to find the Culprits

My Question: Have you or any one you know been a victim of any crime recently – chain/purse snatching, theft, robbery, fraud, eve-teasing, molestation, assault?
Your Answer: Yes!
My Question: Did you or the victim go to the police?
Your Answer: Yes!
My Question: Did the Police register a Complaint?
Your Answer: Yes!
My Question: Did the Police File an FIR?
Your Answer: NO!!!
(If your answer is Yes and you are one of the lucky few, then please don’t stop here, as it is certain that you are still denied of justice and the culprits have still not been caught. Please continue reading as I am going to tell you how to get justice, there is still hope)
My Question: Did you insist on Filing an FIR?
Your Answer: Yes!
My Question: Did the Police say it will be of no use filing FIR; you will face lot of troubles and will have to regularly go to Court and police stations? In other words, did the Police threaten you or discourage you from Filing an FIR?
Your Answer: Yes!
Same story is getting repeated, not just with you, but with thousands of citizens of our city, everywhere, every single day!!! Check out any police station, total number of FIR lodged in a year will not be more than 20!!! Do you all agree that only 20 crimes have occurred in your colony in one year???
Your Question: Why doesn’t police lodge FIR? Why should we insist in Filing an FIR? How does it help me?
My Answer: Well, the answer is very simple – Accountability! We need to make police accountable for all the crimes in our city and police does not want to become accountable! ! Crime rate of an area can only be reflected by the number of FIRs lodged, not by the police complaints. This is a very unfortunate fact. And if the number of FIRs in a police station increases, that means the police station is not doing its job properly and the SHO is held accountable for the increasing crimes in that locality. But by discouraging/ denying you from filing FIR, they are just saving their ***!!! And of course they are lessening their burden, and added bonus – they get a chance to share the booty!!
Do my words make any sense to you? – Take the following example – A chain is snatched, snatcher escapes successfully, the victim goes to the police station crying for her chain, police files a complaint, discourages for filing FIR. Victim gives in to the police pressure, thinks anyways nothing is going to happen, comes back home keeps crying for the chain for the next 1 month, and finally gives up and forgets it!!!
Policemen, on the other hand are celebrating! ! How? First of all they have not filed any FIR, so they have lesser work to do. Remember this – “Action is taken only against an FIR!! NO ACTION will be taken against a police complaint” Police becomes accountable – or in other words, they get some work to do – only if an FIR is lodged. They can safely ignore all the complaints. Complaints do not come into any police records and they do not reflect anything about the crime rate of that area. So, they have not just lessened their burden, but also successfully managed to bring down the Crime rate of their area by simply not registering a crime. So they can now show their area as a “Safe” Area, come into good books of their superiors and afford to sleep more and not run after thieves as NO FIR has been lodged. And the best part, if at all, by mistake or by some coincidence, they get hold of the thief and find all the booty, then what will they do with
all the catch as there are no FIRs matching the description of the theft. So police can safely keep all the loot with itself, and ensure that in future, whenever thief steals anything, police gets to keep a share!!! Police continues denial of FIR, thieves are out on business at large, doing their daily job safely as police is now their partner and as no FIR are registered, all the loot can be safely shared with the police after every crime! And then we all complain that Crime is on a rise!!
Remember – by not Filing an FIR, we are not only lessening our chances of recovering our stolen valuables from police, but we are also encouraging crime in our locality!!!
Your Question: What would have happened if the victim had lodged an FIR?
My Answer: Yesss, this is where the fun part is! If the Victim had somehow (I will explain ahead how) successfully filed an FIR, then the police becomes answerable to the complainant and have to submit constant progress report of the FIR to their superiors – what action has police taken in the last week against the complaint, how many raids have they conducted, how many thieves have they caught, who all have confessed about their crimes and what all loot has been recovered, has the loot been handed back to the right owners and have the owners agreed that the loot is actually their belongings/valuable s, etc..etc. This is what police has to do and they will do all this ONLY IF … yessss only if FIR is registered!! ! See, the actual fun begins only after an FIRJ.
Now the most important Question – I have visited the police station 20 times in last one week, and the constant delay/denial process is still continuing and the FIR is still not getting lodged. Police is constantly delaying, and sometimes even threatening me of bad consequences if I file or insist on filing an FIR. What should I do now?
(Of course they will do all this, it’s all clear to you now that they have to, poor fellows, how else will they survive?)
My Answer – Simple process to follow. Once you have waited enough and seen that despite your constant persistence police is not filing an FIR, you can do one or all of the following depending on your experience with the police till now–
1.        One way to put pressure on your area’s Police station is to approach the Vigilance wing of your area with a copy of your complaint and tell them the details of your incidence. They shall make sure that an FIR is lodged. This is most effective. This works for most almost instantly. Helpline number of vigilance is 011-23213355. This is most effective for a common man.
2.        There is a website of Delhi police. http://www.delhipol ice.nic.in/ home/contactus. aspx. Those who know how to access internet they can write email to all the DCPs, ACPs (including the commissioner of police of the state) and all emails mentioned on this site and complain about their police station.
3.        http://www.saferind ia.com/kiranbedi /consumerLogin. jsp. This website is monitored by Kiran Bedi where one can register his/her grievance. There will be immediate action
4.        One can also write a registered letter to the DCP of that zone in which the respective police station lies.
5.        One can also write a registered letter to the magistrate of that district. This will also lead to immediate action. In fact the police will now have to weekly give a feedback of the current status of your complaint to the magistrate regarding their actions for the complaint.
Phew!!! You have now successfully filed an FIR. Congratulations. Now what’s the progress? What’s the proceeding of the case? What all action has been taken by the police? It’s been more than 2 months you have filed an FIR, but no signs of progress?? Is police sleeping???
Your Question: How can I determine the current state of my complaint? Police just says we are working on it, it takes time, blah blah…
My Answer: Apart from the steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 above, you can do one more thing. There is a very powerful tool which the current Government has given us, and it is called Right To Information Act, also known as RTI in brief. You can file an RTI by just spending 15-20 rupees, and know the current status of your FIR complaint. The police now has no option left but to work on your case 24×7, Diwali or Dusshera, they have to show concrete steps which they have taken against your case. And by putting pressure on police this way, you are not just increasing your chances of getting your valuables back (which earlier were almost ZERO), but are also making police do some work, making them accountable, and in turn making your area more safe.
http://www.rti. gov.in/ explains in detail all about where and how you can file RTI.
A story was published some time ago in TOI how a farmer recovered his stolen cow from the Village Mukhiya by lodging an FIR and then filing an RTI. If a villager can do this, I’m sure we all can too. There are several other such stories on the internet on how RTI is changing the lives of several Indians. Please take time and visit these sites –

http://www.parivart an.com/stories_ list.asp
http://www.rtiindia .org/forum/ blogs/jps50/ 93-how-make- rti-application- effective. html#comment1626
http://www.righttoi nformation. org/
http://www.righttoi nformation. info/
http://righttoinfor mation.gov. in/
http://www.rtiindia .org/forum/ sitemap/
http://www.rtiindia .org/forum/ 28730-how- get-your- fir-lodged. html
Remember, none of this will be possible if there is no FIR. So First Step is to file an FIR if you need some concrete actions to be taken up by the police.
It is high time we make Police accountable for all the crimes in our city and make our city a safer place for ourselves as well as our loved ones .


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