Women Misuse Dowry Laws India

 Only in 10 out of 479 harrasment cases lodged by Women with helpline in Varanasi had some truth . These laws made for women are misused by unscrupulus women to torture their husbands and force into submission to their own command ( poor husbands ) .

These laws like 498a, DV Act etc need to be looked into by a competent authority and the laws should be amended to stop the misuse or better still these laws should be scrapped altogether .

If these cannot be scrapped then there must be provision for the punishment for False and Frivolous complaints by Wife and her stupid family members.

This also means that approximately 5000 ( yes Five thousand ) innocent people are harrased and tortured by these unsrupulous Wives and her Family  ( considering on an average 10 people from the Husbands Family are named in all these frivolous complaints including Toddlers and People even in their 90’s as well )


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VARANASI: Is the women helpline of the district police being used as a medium to secure nuclear family status by women? The answer would be yes if


one went by the outcome of the investigations conducted by the helpline officials.

According to helpline incharge Maya Devi, a majority of complainants have been found to be misutilising the dowry act. Mainly, women from lower and middle classes turn up with complaints against their husbands under this act. But, when their matter is investigated, it is mostly found that the women are just interested in living with their husband but in-laws. “They try to use this facility to their end,” she said.

Claims of harassment are made mainly in cases where the husband is not willing to keep his wife with him. Maya informed that husband resorted to violence in most of such cases. Recalling a case in Aurangabad, she said increasing intimacy with her in-laws proved lethal for Natasha as her marriage ended within a year. Her husband became doubtful of her character and started torturing her mentally by harping on a separation. Natasha had to take shelter of the women helpline. Police held meetings with the relatives of the couple. “Finally, the doubts of Natasha’s husband become clear and now she is enjoying a happy life,” she informed.

The incharge said in many cases, parents of women were spoiling their marital life. Chandan’s married life was disturbed by none other than his mother-in-law, she said, mentioning another case. Chandan, hailing from a rich family, had married Riddhi a few years back and had two children from her. But, Riddhi’s mother, for her vested interests, provoked her daughter to force her husband to make arrangements for her to live with her mother and children separately. The helpline cops had to hold a long series of counselling sessions with Riddhi, after which she become convinced that her mother was spoiling her married life.

The sleuths of this helpline succeeded in saving these marriages. But, Vijay Saxena’s marriage could not be saved despite all efforts. After falling in love with Latika, Vijay married her in 1996. Vijay, a contractor by profession, proved an ideal husband for her as he not only purchased property in her name but also deposited all his earning in her bank accounts. They also had two children. But, after some time, Latika started serving some private company where she fell in love of her senior colleague. After Vijay become aware of the same, their life was disturbed.

This matter was brought to women helpline by Latika. But, when the investigation started, Vijay succeeded in proving that Latika’s extra marital relation was the reason for the problem. Despite all efforts, the matter could not be settled. Latika has now filed divorce in court. Maya said the counselling sessions conducted by the helpline had yielded positive results, as out of 479 complaints received at her cell this year, the requirement of filing FIR was found only in 10 cases. (Names of complainants changed on request)

Outcome of Women Helpline investigations and counselling sessions

# From January to September 19, as many as 479 complaints were received.

# Out of them, allegations regarding harassment of women was found true only in 10 cases, after which FIRs were lodged against their husbands and in-laws.

# In maximum cases, investigators found that women were misutilising the dowry act for different reasons. Over 50 per cent complaints were made in that category.

# Women willing to live with only their husbands, instead of being a part of joint families, are mostly filing complaints under the act,

# Women having extra-marital relations show more aggression to ensure lodging of case against their husbands. The fact was exposed during investigation of about 10 per cent cases.

# Women having better education or earnings in comparison to husbands are also among such complainants.

# Allegations regarding harassment of women were found true in those matters where husband refused to live with their wives. The percentage of cases in such category was over 30.

# Complaints were also made against husbands for forcing woman for female foeticide. One FIR was lodged in a case of this nature.

# The cell exercises hard to ensure that the cases are solved bilaterally by the couple either in their presence or in front of their family members and relatives.

# The cell has achieved success in a majority of cases as the officials found that lodging of FIR was a must only in 10 matters. The number of complainants who took shelter of family court later is meagre .


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