Dowry Free India in 4 years

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Give us power . We will give you a dowry free India in 4 years
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It is has been 60 years and 3 separate and coexisting draconian laws later we wonder why the Dowry evil has not subsided . The answers are simple .Women’s organizations and the government just love dowry so much that they just do not want it to go .

Everybody loves the dowry beast from within
Everybody loves to hate dowry and love to accuse dowry takers . Judges , self proclaimed leaders of women’s organization’ s , and wife’s of political party leader all clamor for valuable media attention by flogging the dowry beast every now and then . These personalities however know very well that know that without dowry the Indian women’s rights movement will grind to a halt . the dowry beast is the bread and butter for innumerable people in India all of whom want a chunk of the same . In the absence of Dowry the Indian women’s organizations as they exist today , lawyers , police , CAW cells , Judiciary and a huge number of feminists will have to shut shop in no time. So continuing dowry in its current form is of paramount importance since it holds the key to the survival of woman’s rights itself and is the source of income for many a corrupt individual .

Dowry is the answer , not what do you need funding for ?
Dowry- a word which has been used too much these days is used to basically fund things as varied as Toilets for girls to Trains for women and from tax incentives for women to the most disturbing of all which is biased laws for women. The hated Dowry beast is the single biggest revenue generator for the women organizations. Everything for Indian women in India is paid by the government or India husbands because Indian women are always said to have to borne the “brunt of dowry.”

Please give Aid to our inflammable daughters
India actually should not have a problem of energy since we have something in India which is more inflammable than even gasoline , you guessed it right the “Inflammable Indian Brides ” . The poor westerners are made to believe that Indian brides become more inflammable than gasoline and spontaneously catch fire the moment they enter their in-laws house. They are made to believe that Indian husbands use wives as the fuel when they need to light their stove ay home . Colorful names like ‘Brides of fire” and “Brides for Burning” are used for Indian feminist writers who even go to the extent of saying that Indian women are made to wear the chastity belt by their husbands and the oh so caring and ill-informed western aid agencies believe in these nightmarish Indian fiction. Gory pictures are painted by the government and then foreign aid money is begged for in the name of protecting these flammable brides which the ill informed western agencies gladly comply and donate. What happens to that aid money is anyone’s guess , but that is not the topic of this article. The media or the Indian Government never mentions the fact that the total number of married men committing suicides every year is twice that of the number of married women committing suicides . Quoting this fact would stop the inflow of aid money, so it is only logical not to mention this. More than 65 Billion rupees is spent every year in India just for women’s empowerment schemes . 80% of this money is contributed by Indian men . Not a single rupee is spent by the government on Men’s issues and men’s empowerment . All this is because of the myth painted by the feminists and the women’s organizations that India is a Male Dominated society .

The dowry story is losing steam
The Indian feminists have now realized that the Indian dowry steam engine that has chugged along so well for so many decades is fast losing steam. Nor the government nor the Indian feminists every come out to have an open debate on the dowry issue. They are now looking at some other issues which can be used to chug along for the next few decades .

Give us power we will eradicate dowry in 4 years flat

What the Indian government and women’s organizations claim was no possible in 60 years , actually can be achieved in less than 4 years if they hand over the dowry control baton to Indian organizations like Save Indian Family Foundation. The steps to eradicate dowry are simple .

1) Attack the root not the stem :- Dowry must be stopped at exchange stage . The police must raid marriages where dowry is being exchanged and arrest the groom , bride and all members accused of giving or taking dowry . This will also completely stop the 498A extortion racket .

2) Prosecute the dowry givers. Prosecuting dowry givers will instill fear in the minds of people while giving dowry and they will then take a strong stand against giving any dowry. The society will slowly realize that the dowry hungry husbands will have to sit at home unmarried for life because no-one will give dowry because of the strict laws. They will ultimately have to marry in dowry free marriages. But unfortunately, implementation of DP3 act (for giving dowry) is seldom done in India. Dowry giving is never considered a crime although the IPC has punished for five years for any person found guilty of giving dowry.

3) Stop extravagant marriages and have hotline numbers for people to report dowry exchanges. Both the giver and taker families including the bride and groom must be punished for indulging in criminal activities. But marriages worth cores happen every day in India and the government does not bat an eyelid. Organizations like Save Indian family foundation had on many occasions demanded a hotline where Anti dowry activists could report dowry exchanges in marriage for the government to act the prevention of the dowry exchange but the government has never created such a hotline. Dowry exchanges are allowed to happen in open daylight. The government and women organizations look the other way when dowry changes hands and then wants to punish only the husband when the marriage goes sour for the act of taking dowry, while the dowry giver and the women who knows both the taker and giver and is an accomplice of the crime is treated as the victim .

4) Marriages must always with registered in court with the seal of a dowry prohibition officer where the families must swear that no dowry was given or taken. In these marriages, when the bride and groom take a solemn vow that no dowry has been exchanged 498A will not be applicable. Then we would stop seeing cases where the dowry angle is brought only when the marriage starts going sour after a few years .But if this happens then women’s rights will take a severe blow because there will be no Dowry harassment cases at all to sow the world and no cases will lead to no funding. So this is also not implemented by the government or the women organizations.

5) Misusers of the law must be strictly punished and this includes men also from the brides family.
In India, the only set of people who want to eradicate dowry from the face of the country are organizations like Save Indian Family Foundation. Women organizations on the other hand know that once dowry is completely eradicated, they will have to shut their women’s rights shop and move elsewhere. So nor the government nor the women organization want to attack the root of the problem “The act of dowry exchange itself.”

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