Population Control India

If India need to control population without using extreme measures like china, Indian government needs to focus on encourage girls to get educated, independent and self dependent and have policies which will induce family planning and delaying women getting pregnant and couple will have support of not only the family but also society be supportive.


  • as long as studying no question of marrying,
  • late marriage because of study,
  • so new births delayed by a few years,
  • more the people are educated they want less children,
  • more the people are educated more busy they are in their lives outside of home — may be because of travel to other city for work/business,
  • more work in office,
  • no time to prepare food so going out to eat and so on so forth no time for intimacy,
  • more knowledge about birth control,
  • because of education comes financial independence so the man and wife can take decision on their own about the children ,
  • parents or in-laws cannot really force the wife to have children,
  • as women get educated they want to do well in their career so they plan not to have kids which in turn controls the population

Financial Independence

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