Centre Initiates Police reforms for UTs India

Please refer the Article and Link ( End of this article ) from Tribune India regarding Police Reforms in Union Territories in India .
We Welcome this step wholeheartedly .
On the similar lines There must be Police reforms in States as well .
State police should be responsible for the Law and Order in the respective states and there should be a altogether separate set of people for investigating the Crimes .
This investigative agency should be independent of Police Force .
In the current setup the Police is mostly interested in troubling innocent people and this is the main reason of corruption .
If there will be separate investigative agency for crimes that will help innocent people be NOT victimised by Corrupt Police Force .
It may be a painful exercise but it is necessary if India has to progress  fast and be a developed  with all kinds of Facilities enjoyed by the western countries citizen’s as basic necessaties ( like Electricity, Cars, Safe Drinking water, Corruption free Honest accesibility to Government services and many more ) …..
This is a change for the betterment of society and India .



Centre initiates police reforms for UTs
City to have complaints authority
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, September 3
The ministry of home affairs has initiated police reforms by introducing changes to all Union Territories, including Chandigarh.

The MHA has laid down broad policies to evaluate performance of the Chandigarh police. This is in light of the directives on police reforms by the Supreme Court in Prakash Singh & others vs Union of India.

Under the reforms, a state security commission will be set up. Two separate police establishment boards (PEB) will also be formed. One will be for the ranks of inspector and above, while the other for sub-inspectors and below.

The boards will decide all transfers, postings, promotions and all service related matters.

Chandigarh will also have a police complaints authority.

To accord two-year tenure to key police functionaries will be mandatory. Any transfer done before completion of tenure will be done under exceptional circumstances/administrative exigencies, which will be recorded in writing.

The MHA has told the Chandigarh police to divide police personnel into two streams — one to maintain law and order and the other to investigate crimes.

These directives will apply to all Union Territories, union home minister told reporters here on Tuesday.

These are largely part of police reforms suggested by the court.

Petitioner Prakash Singh, a former IPS official and a former DGP of the BSF, had been strong votary of police reform.


Link Here :



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