some interesting video’s

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together
Indian police brutality
( This is the way they do justice sometimes with Innocent people )
Spy Video Camera Starts @ 6:30 minutes in this Video
Dalia Dippolito Gets “Punked” By Boynton Beach Police!! (VIDEO)
In short .
1) Girl ( Dalia Dippolito – 26 ) marraies Man ( Michael Dippolito -36)
2) 6 months pass , girl forces man to make her a joint custody of the man’s house . Man does it and gives the wife joint custody .
3) Wife hires hitman and agrees to pay only $3000 for the total job . She feels that cost of murders have also come down because of the recession . In that $1200 is for buyng the handgun . So the cost of the murder is only $1800 . What a comedy ..
4) Hitman is actually an undercover cop , who records her many times saying that she wants to kill her husband .
5) Husband is notified of the plan , he and police cooperate . The poilce create fake murder scene at the house of the couple. WIfe is called from the gym and told that her husband is dead inside the house . Wife then gives an Oscar Winning tragedy performance .
6) Police arrest wife shortly after and she will get minimum 15 years jail time for attempt to 1st degree murder.
Here is the news video where you can see how the poilice trapped her and her oscar winning performance ofn hearing that her husband has been shot and killed .
Enjoy This dance and the Music
( This is from BrasilPlease do give your views by commenting )

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