Woman Reservation BILL Government Jobs

Indian politicians have been trying to get the women 33% reservation in Indian parliament.
Many politicians from Samajwadi party of Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav and RJD ( Rastria janata Dal ) of Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav are strongly opposing the 33% reservarion from Women in Parliament, whereas BJP is indicating the support for this Bill .
I would like to suggest that this bill must be passed and there should not be reservation for just 33% but at least 50% .
Also the reservation should NOT be applicable only to parliament but all the government jobs like
  • Lok sabha
  • Rajya Sabha
  • Indian Civil Services
  • Police Services
  • Judiciary at all levels from lower courts to Supreme courts
  • Ministers
  • MP’s / MLA’s
  • Municipalities
  • Teaching Jobs in School’s, College’s and Universities
  • Banks
  • Railways
  • Indian Telephone ( BSNL )
  • Indian Post Office
  • Electiricity department
  • Indian Military ( Army, Navy and Air Force )
  • Paramilitary Forces ( CRPF, BSF  etc. )
  • CISF
  • All the PSU’s like BEL, BHEL, HAL, NAL, IOC etc.
  • Pilots
It will help in Population control, reduction of cases in courts, increase in economic activity etc. as follows:
After the women will be working in Various govt jobs it will be beneficial for the economy of the country.
Families will have more disposable income and they will spend this disposable income which in turn will generate more business activity and more jobs will be created and so on so forth.
As People will have more income so they will spend on vacations and luxury items, this will generate business activity which in turn will help economic activity.
Also Independent empowered women will have more say in if they want to have children or not, also working empowered women will be able to decide when they are ready to become mothers.
Well empowered women can actually decide not to get married at all as they are now independent ( they dont depend on their husbands or Parents financially ).
This in turn will reduce the chances of False Dowry cases like 498a, DV act etc. on innocent husbands and their family members.
So cases at least frivolous matrimonial disputes will not be burdening the judiciary and the Judges will be able to deal with the real issues not frivolous cases like IPC 498a, DV Act etc.
( Please note that more than 98% False Dowry cases 498a cases are filed in the indian courts, this burden will be removed from Judiciary )
For all the above reasons the govenment of India should enact a bill to have 50% reservation for Women in India.

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