Video’s depicting misuse of family destructing laws

Here are some video’s where people are telling their stories, how the laws were misused for destroying the families including elderly and children .

1) Video of Families of 498a victims from India
 ( Due to the Stupidity/Arrogance  of wifes to force her husband to BEND as per wifey’s Mother/Father’s whims, wife has also destroyed herself and her parents life as well ) com/watch? v=do_8NyLxK4k

DP3 Filed by the Boy on Lier Wife

Survival Guide

Video  Summary:
Survey of 1100 husbands from Jan 2008 to Apr 2009 in Bangalore, India. 42.3%
false Dowry 498A cases against IT people in Bangalore. Case of Bala Murugan,
SIF PRO Virag on need for gender neutral laws. com/watch? v=RRxeEtE9rVk

Video  Summary:
Shocking Statistics – 25 divorces being filed every day in Bangalore –
mostly by women. Financial independence said to be main reason. SIF PRO
Virag explains methodology of survey. SC lawyer Varun Goswami gives views on
misuse of 498A. He says 90% of 498A settled before finalization of trial.
Extortionary claims made to settle cases. com/watch? v=1l5qGnXN0VU

Video  Summary:
SIF PRO Virag explains reason of 90% cases settlement. Points flaw in UN
survey on DV in India. Many marriages done with intention of filing false
498A later. SC lawyer says 498A misuse has increased. Gives points to
minimize misuse including similar punishment for women who file false 498A. com/watch? v=YH050PybFoM


2)  Feminists Destroying the families in North America com/watch? v=y1uTUO1nKTw com/watch? v=mMRVg_I7YCk& annotation_ id=annotation_ 256213&feature= iv

Summary for below article :
When I published ‘Prone to Violence‘, a book about my work with violent women and the children in the refuge, I was picketed by hundreds of banner-waving women.  ‘All men are bastards!’ read some of the banners.  ‘All men are rapists!’ shrieked another.  ‘If those banners said Jews or black people, you would have arrested those women,’ I told the policeman who had come to say that I had to have a police escort all around England for the book tour.


The Myth of Male Power – Warren Farrell – 1/19

Purple Heart’s Final Beat – A Soldier Suicide Story

Innocent men permanently on restraining order registry

Oh, the Feminism topic …


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