Canada Day July 01, ‘2009

Canada Day is Canada’s National day.
It is a Federal Statuary Holiday celebrated on July 01 every Year .
This is the Annivarsary of July 01, ‘1867 when by a British North American Act Canada was proclaimed as a single Country/Dominion.
It is celebrated all over Canada .
In Toronto, Ontario there are many celebrations marking the day .
This Year I went to CHIN picnic which is held at Exhibition  Place grounds Toronto, Ontario.
This day singers from India performed in the CHIN picnic and this was free , there is no ticket to visit the place and enjoy the singing performance by South Asian Singers .
There is a large gathering and it is FUN place to be .
There are fashion shows and winners are picked up .
There are many rides for the kids as well as many activities for the Adults as well.
A couple of years ago I had visited the CHIN Picnic on July 01 and the singer was Malkiat Singh of Tutak-Tutak-Tutian fame .
Performance of Malkiat singh was for more than 4 hours and it was good FREE entertainment .
There were people of all nationalities ( not just south asians ) enjoying themselves .
Also there are official ceremonies at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario ( Capitol city of Canada ) .
Happy Canada Day.

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